Recruitment results


We would like to inform you that nine candidates have been qualified for the first stage of recruitment. In the second stage, however, only three of the candidates obtained the required number of points and eventually was admitted to the Doctoral School.


Decision of the Director of IPPT PAN

concerning the recruitment in the academic year 2021/2022



Additional recruitment for academic year 2021/22


30 August 2021 – start of additional recruitment
30 August-3 September 2021 submission of the documents by candidates
6-15 September 2021
interviews with candidates
21 September 2021
– announcement of the recruitment results



Welcome to the Doctoral School of Information and Biomedical Technologies at the Polish Academy of Sciences!



The mission of the TIB PAN Doctoral School is the interdisciplinary education of people preparing to independently conduct scientific research in the common area of ​​technical sciences, including computer science, biomedical engineering and medical sciences.

Current scientific challenges in the above-mentioned areas of science require an extended and comprehensive preparation enabling the skilful use of modern research techniques, multi-faceted analysis and understanding of various physical phenomena, biological systems and physiological mechanisms as well as their appropriate formal description at the cellular, subcellular and global level of the organism with the use of modern information and mathematical tools, as well as design and development of new methods, systems and experimental tools.

Young scientists and researchers, after graduating from the Doctoral School, will be prepared to conduct research in interdisciplinary teams and to analyze, present and publish research results.





Systems Research Institute Institute of Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering  Institute of Theoretical and Applied Informatics





Mossakowski Medical Research Centre Institute of Computer Science  Institute of Fundamental Technological Research

Research and Academic Computer Network - National Research Institute